About us

Behind our bot a dedicated team to build a new kind of bot experience.

Our vision

We love our bots as if they were our own children, and we have great expectations for them.

We believe that nowadays, in a fast changing world, you have to conform to the high demands of your users, customers, or employees. Kwalys can help you empower your company by allowing you to concetrate your attention on your business by offering you a new efficient tool. This all-in-one platform is not only a conversation builder, but also a business process game changer.


The Three Musketeers
Katya Lainé CEO / Co-founder
Pascal Lainé CCO / Co-founder
Olivier Parent CTO
Katya Lainé CEO / Co-founder
Pascal Lainé CCO / Co-founder
Olivier Parent CTO


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there were two co-founders with strong digital and business backgrounds who wanted to change the world for all companies: big or small.
They loved to talk and loved humans and also understood that efficiency was the most important factor within a company. So they started seeking out the necessary tools for building conversations and automated processes, but had no luck. So they decided to create their first digital baby Kwalys - a platform used to easily create, update, and improve.
A few years later, Ivy was born to increase conversational bot efficiency for all bots, not just Kwalys' bots. Now Kwalys and Ivy are powered by a high quality developping and smart business team.


We are engage

We are committed to promote bot technology, ethical values, and privacy ecosystem. We act to create strong european bot technology.