Meet Ivy

Our colorful conversational AI.

She has the answer to practically everything!

Ivy conversational AI & Knowledge database.

Ivy understands what is being said to her and from there she finds the best suited answer to the user's request by using small talk.

Ivy is made from on a huge data set and using NLP training rather than regular teaching, allows her to enhance her capabilities.

49% of bot users hang up if they do not receive an answer. With Ivy, your virtual assistant will understand all requests and always provide an answer.


Improve the performance of your conversational bot by at least 30%.

Talk to Ivy and take over if there's something she doesn't understand.

Ivy is available on Kwalys Platform

Connect your Kwalys bot with Ivy in one click.

Kwalys Platform
Open free API

Ivy is an open and accessible API, Free, collaborative and Open Data.

Contact us to Request an API access

Ivy Specialist

Need to improve your bot in a particular field? Of course, because every bot needs constant knowlegde updates. With Ivy Specialist, our special teaching program, Ivy can learn anything and everything about any application, in only a few days.

Ivy knowledge Kwalys Let’s talk about Ivy Specialist

Ivy Assistant

Coming in 2020

We work to make Ivy autonomous and able to accomplish some tasks by herself in complex conversation scenarios.