App & Service connectors

Connect your bot to all the services you love.

Create a deep connection with any web server.

Connection wickedly fast with our API connector.
Connect to any API
Connect to any SaaS app
Connect to any database.

Connect to the app you already using

Connect your bot to this powerful and modern CRM. Your bot can find all the information he needs to have an accurate conversation with your users.
No need for introduction, Sales Forces is the master peace of CRM, and if you use it your bot should be connected.
Connect your bot and your team into a real time work process.
Connect your bot to everything with Zapier. Everything become possible to make your bot ultra connected and more smart.

Connect to Kwalys App

Create Q&A to make your bot smarter. This app will allow your bot to answer quickly simple questions with simple answers.
Connect your bot with our solution of payment, allow your user to finalize a purchase directly with the bot.
Ask your user his signature directly in the bot to close a deal or validate a contract.
SMS Sender
Send an SMS with a bot action for any kind of confirmation or information to keep for your user.

Connect to Ivy

Ivy understands and find the best suited answers to user’s requests, using small talk to respond to specific issues. Learn more
Ivy Specialist
With Ivy Specialist, our special teaching program, in only a few days, Ivy can learn anything and everything about any application. Learn more