Your bot everywhere at the same time, talk by voice or by text.

Assistant & Voicebot

Google assistant

Connect your bot to the most powerful assistant in the world and allow millions of users to communicate with your bot through their Google devices.

Amazon Alexa

Connect your bot to Alexa, the first voice assistant available from Amazon.

Coming soon
Phone VoIP

Replace your automated machine with a powerful bot able to small talk and interact with your customers.

Messenger & Social media

Facebook Messenger

Connect your bot to the popular Facebook Messenger with 2 billions users.


“Please send me a DM”. People like to complain on Twitter, create a bot to convert these users to happy ones.

Coming soon

Your bot connected to the international WhatsApp messenger.


Connect your bot to the blue bubble messenger and talk to the iPhone users.

Coming soon

SMS are universal and still very popular! Maybe the best way to connect your bot to your users.

Kwalys Chatbox

Create your own Kwalys Chatbox. Personalize the color, add your logo, and integrate it all over your website and application.


A small and elegant pop-up discreetly waiting on the bottom right of your website to talk to your users.


Embed a chatbox in your interface, starting a conversation has never been made so easy.


Integrate a chatbot in your app, optimized for small screen, chat conversation is very intuitive for the users.