Talk Studio

Make building a talking bot simple and fast by using zero code.

New interface coming soon
Intuitive interface. Kwalys' unique interface for Talk Designer is simple yet effective. Anyone can build a bot in no time. Make it easy even if what you do is complex. Solve complex situtations in a simple way. With zero code needed, create an entire new workflow to revolutionize your work process.

Connect the dots.

We have everything you need to design your own scenario. By following our easy step by step process, use only four elements to build your very own bot tree. Save time on the creation of the bot to focus on its content!

Dialogue A key element to any conversation is being able to ask and answer questions. Connect dialogue bubbles together to create a nice flowing conversation.
Action Add Action that allows you to interact with an app or service. For example being able to search up a name in a database. Allows for better work efficiency. See the connector >
Magic move With Magic move, you can continue the conversation in an other scenario or with another bot.
A simple yet powerful move.
Scenario You can create multiple scenarios within the same bot. Using the same bot for different situations will make your bot stronger opening you up to an unlimited amount of possibilities.
Live testing Constantly test out your bot in real time while building it to save time. Use the chatbox to experience what your users' do.
Version Navigate between all versions of your bot. If an error occurs, no problem, just go back to the latest version.
Multi-language Create a multi-language bot and communicate with the world audience.
Emotional conversation Have an emoji on every bubble to make your bot truly human.