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Specialised bots are just bad. Good bots do more.
Ask the Kwalys pitch Like in all good startups all our team members (and our bot too) know the pitch in case or they meet Bill Gate in an elevator.
Ask about our story Like all the great stories, the Kwalys story is incredible!
Ask to introduce our team Some people buy a product, some people buy the team who develop the product.
Ask to have a demo With a direct connection to the calendar of our team, our bot is able to book a meeting for you.
Ask about our products With a connection to all the pages of our website, our bot is able to find the information you ask for.
Ask for a free mug With the order module, the bot will take your order end send you the Kwalys mug.

Customers use cases

Ag2r chatbot AG2R La mondiale How Kwalys bots reinvent the way to calculate retirement benefits and make it quicker and simpler for customers.
Avidsen Avidsen Creation of a virtual assistant multilangual to manage technical support during the installation of video surveillance systems on IVR and chatbot
UPE06 UP06 help chatbots for people who want information about UPE06
DGA CROSS DGA POC : Demonstrating chatbot, smart IVR, VHF, callbot on different channels
CABINET PHENIX CHATBOT Cabinet Phenix Virtual assistant that allows you to make an estimate for the collection of receivables from companies based on unpaid invoices
CHATBOT HR Open Group Virtual assistants to source potential candidates who are looking for a position within the organization
Design your bot Invent any kind of bot with Kwalys Crazy or not you can build any kind of bot that does everything with Kwlays!
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