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Events at Kwalys & Talk.ai

Talkr will present at the Salon Stratégie & Clients from 29th-31th March 2022. Be ready to meet the team! 

Talkr will fly off to Barcelona from February 28th to March 3rd for the Mobile World Congress 2022.

Talkr was present at the French Tech wing of the CES 2022 held in Las Vegas from January 5th-8th where we had the great opportunity to present our new virtual assistants. 

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The new Kwalys platform is here, and it has a name that reflects our ambitions in Conversational Automation and VoiceBot Solutions: TALKR.ai.

TALKR.ai is the first VoiceBot platform that allows you to create a Voice Assistant and test it on the phone in less than 3 minutes! This platform version n°5 is even more intuitive and powerful for the user and allows for non-tech profiles to better design and manage VoiceBots and to sublimate the omnichannel experience. 

TALKR.ai puts even more emphasis on the end-user to increase their experience and the performance of the Bot. This improved interaction is possible thanks to the Dialogue Maker and the IVY AI Training Engine.

Congratulations to the whole team for its involvement and thanks to our customers for their renewed trust!

All fields & All Businesses

Your users deserve a better experience

In other words, give your users the perfect experience by improving interactions using Kwalys’ chatbots and voicebots.

Give an immediate and concrete answer to your users.

Secondly : Stop wasting valuable time, optimize all interactions with your users.

Thirdly : Improve users' engagement and grow your business.

All-In-One Platform accessible
for non-technical profiles

The Bot is not the purpose, it is only the way 

The Kwalys’ Platform is not only a chatbot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to conceive and integrate your assistant into a new global process.

Build a bot, make it simple and fast.

Connect it to all the tools of your choice.


Scalable for any use case and conversation volume, regardless of the channel.

Visual botbuilder
train your AI with our NLP


🧠 Thanks to IVY AI  your assistant finally responds. Correctly.


Creating a conversational virtual assistant, dedicated to business is not easy.

It’s a long and a time consuming process and not always very reliable with the existing NLU/NLP systems : the bot doesn’t answer correctly every time. And most significantly – it’s not within the reach of the business.

Kwalys has been addressing these issues and our R&D team has been working on IVY conversational AI for 3 years.

Thanks to Ivy AI it’s quick and easy, you take short time to train your bot. It’s ZERO code and within everyone’s reach.
And most importantly : your bot finally responds. Correctly.  

Meet our conversational designer team

We work hard to drive our clients and to success

We benefit from a transverse agnostic expertise in business & domain and we have a support team for the design and the management of your smart assistants.


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You’re in good company


of all customer requests are handled by our bot.

Customer relationship Manager


2500 QnA

of all HR requests are handled by our bot.

Customer relationship Manager


1000 hours

it’s saving our customers 1000 hours per month with its instant answers

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And you ?

On which channel you want to connect your robot ? All ?

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