Create an Awsome Callbot

The best conversational voice experience with a callbot by Kwalys !

Say good bye to your obsolete IVR ⚰️ and Say 👋 to CallBots

The STT (speech to text) is sent by the selected service: we retrieve a text format from the voice data. The Kwalys tool (NLP+NLU) will select the return phrase to send to the TTS (text to speech) tool. These services use remote Apis but can also work “On premise”. The quality of the STT varies according to the questions asked and the speech comprehension systems.

callbot voicebot

Design your conversational flow

Thanks to the text comprehension engine, IVY AI understands what is being said to it and, from there, it finds the most appropriate response to the user’s request using everyday language.

Ivy uses a huge corpus of sentences in order to be able to understand the intentions hidden in your most complex sentences. The addition of new sentences allows our AI to strengthen its abilities.

While handwriting can communicate 37 words per minute, the voice can speak more than 200 words per minute!

Il lost my credit card

by Bank exemple

The decision tree allows dispatching scenarios based on the answers in the FAQs in order to have interactions close to humans.

Imagine the craziest scenarios to delight your users.

Build a Callbot step by step in order to transform your Call Center

Our best practices to build a good
Phone assistant (CallBot)
and transform your obsolete IVR

Build and train the QnA with Ivy

Select all questions and answers to be trained in the Q&A maker

Build the decision tree process thanks to our dialogue maker

Connect the robot to your environment via apis to have unforgettable conversations

Test your CallBot on the phone and deploy

  Connect your bot to a phone number with our phone Service, choose the  STT &  the TTS  and intonations with SSML language.

 Live demo with a phonebot of  Julia Assistant at Chatbot Summit of Tel Aviv-2019