Strengthening the rights of persons whose data are processed
(with new or reinforced rights including minimization, portability, erasure…); the GDPR deliberately places the individual at the center of the concerns.

The implementation of the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) is of strategic importance for Kwalys since 2017. This includes in particular: name, identification number, email address, genetic information, IP addresses, any digital fingerprints (photos….) etc.

To help us to comply with the RGPD, our law firm dedicated to intellectual property law, industrial property, new technologies and life sciences, accompanies us in our efforts to comply with the RGPD.

Our virtual assistants are used in various private and public sectors. From time to time, these sectors gather more or less “sensitive” personal data that must be protected and properly processed. This is why Kwalys aims at the maximum application of the RGPD recommendations as soon as possible.

In this compliance process, we want to guarantee you optimal security with better commitments. This is why we have already appointed a qualified person (Correspondant Informatique & Libertés) who will become our DPO (Data Protection Officer) on May 25, 2018. The DPO, is a person external to our company whose mission is to take care of the compliance and establishment of all processes and verification of our applications to achieve the goal of maximum data security. takes confidentiality very seriously. Discretion and protection of your personal data are a natural thing for us. We appreciate your trust and we strive to protect your personal data in the best possible way. Kwlays treats your data obtained through address files, orders and/or quotes in a strictly confidential manner. Your e-mail address or personal data will never be passed on to third parties. Our goal is to adapt our online site and information offer to individual wishes and preferences. Your data and preferences are of great importance for this. It is customary for many websites to collect impersonal data, such as a page you have already visited or a browser you have used. This data is only used for statistical purposes and cannot be linked to you directly. 

Three main compliance tools will be used: the activity register, the impact study and the DPO.

Revised terms and conditions of use

Data confidentiality has always been a major issue for Kwalys. We have therefore further strengthened the clauses concerning the confidentiality of personal data.

Processing of mapped customer data

Establishment of a list of treatments carried out on personal data. We carry out 3 main types of processing on behalf of our clients:

– The sending of email alerts, SMS, dialogues on different platforms to users,
– The collection of user interactions and conversations
– The provision of detailed statistics on the use of Kwalys

Security of processing and personal data

In order to make personal data as secure as possible, Kwalys has always had a policy of reducing the amount of user data stored on our platform & conservation for the duration of the processing.

Security audits

Physical security audit :
– Hammering attempt
– Attempt to obtain information from the team

Virtual security audit :
– Attempt of hacking by malware, cyber attack, account usurpation

– Recommendations for improvements to our systems
– Malicious disclosure of data
– Loss of confidentiality