Our colorful conversational AI.

She has the answer to practically everything!

Ivy conversational AI & Knowledge database.

Ivy understands what is being said to her and from there she finds the best suited answer to the user’s request by using small talk.

Ivy is made from on a huge data set and using NLP training rather than regular teaching, allows her to enhance her capabilities.

49% of bot users hang up if they do not receive an answer. With Ivy, your virtual assistant will understand all requests and always provide an answer.

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Test Ivy and help her to improve by teaching the good answer:

Ivy on Messenger

*Don’t freak out! We promise Ivy work for us.

Ivy Api

Talk to Ivy and take over if there’s something she doesn’t understand.

Improve the performance of your conversational bot by at least 30%.

Ivy is available on Kwalys Platform

Connect your bot to the popular Facebook Messenger with 2 billions users. Meet your customers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

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“Please send me a DM”. People like to complain on Twitter, create a bot to convert these users to happy ones.

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All you need to do is to choose the topics you want your NLU to be expert in.

Creating a conversational virtual assistant, dedicated to business is not easy. It’s a long and a time consuming process and not always very reliable with the existing NLU/NLP systems : the bot doesn’t answer correctly every time. And most significantly – it’s not within the reach of the business.

 Live demo with a phonebot of  Julia Assistant at Chatbot Summit of Tel Aviv-2019


Ivy Assistant


We work to make Ivy autonomous and able to accomplish some tasks by herself in complex conversation scenarios.

What makes our NLU different?

Our proprietary NLU engine is specifically targeted for short informal conversations. The NLU is trained on +15.000 sentences for various pre-defined topics and to recognize +1.000  intents in more than 10 languages.

Kwalys has been addressing these issues and our R&D team has been working on IVY conversational AI for 4 years.

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