All-In-One Platform

Everything you need to build your bot in one place.

The Kwalys Platform gives you speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings.

From the creation of your conversational scenario, to the integration to different supports, until the connection to your existing IT.

Bots can help, automate and streamline a variety of functions which are repetitive in nature and, in turn improve positive customer satisfaction & reduce overall operational costs.

Customer Support

Sales & Marketing


Industrial bots


Your bot everywhere in the same time, talk by voice or by text..

Talk Studio

Build a talk bot, make it simple and faster with zero code.

App & Service Connectors

Connect your bot to all the services you love.

Continuity Feedback

Make your bot better every new day.


Check the good result of your bot with accurate metrics.


Behind the platform.
Power, Scale, Security, Privacy.

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