Why choose Kwalys the intelligent virtual agent to improve your customer relationship ? 

You will improve your customer relationship with an intelligent virtual agent

  • By receiving all incoming solicitations from your customers
  • the type of channel used in omnichannel mode
  • 24/7 customer access
  • Provide immediate answers based on the information requested by the customer
  • Enabling the professional evolution of customer advisors towards a more privileged customer relationship by offloading the basic questions.


Improvement 1: Being able to channel all requests

The integration of a conversational agent in a call center allows you to retrieve all user requests in real time and to respond to the most recurring requests. Once your IVR integrates a conversational agent, the deployment is done using Trunks that allow you to have as many virtual phone lines as you want.  All incoming requests can therefore be processed at any time thanks to your conversational assistant: receiving all requests leaves no user or customer without any response or frustration. On the other hand, this allows you to relieve the call center and avoid saturation of your services during the day.

Improvement 2: Access to after-sales service in omnichannel mode

Whatever the mode of use at home or in transport as well as at the office, the virtual assistants of tomorrow will be in our daily life and we will interfere with them permanently. It will be enough to call on its connected speaker the name of a brand to be put in relation instantaneously with an assistant who will be able to answer you 24 hours a day to your requirements as well as on its telephone. Therefore we must rethink the way users use the networks in order to be able to better communicate with them with a sufficiently intelligent virtual assistant. All requests will always be automatically processed and routed through the channels. Customers will also be able to change channels according to their occupation, starting on a cell phone for example and ending the interaction on a connected speakerphone. This is the principle of omnicanality where the customer is at the center of the relationship: the omnicanal mode is an essential criterion that will improve the user or consumer relationship of tomorrow.

Improvement 3: Ensuring 24/7 access to customer service

With the covid crisis, as well as the modernization of the working world and its digitalization, benchmarks and means of communication have been totally disrupted. At any time, any day, we can get in touch with a virtual advisor 24 hours a day so that we can constantly interact with the brands. Thanks to extended time spectrums, it is possible to contact a brand outside of business hours and we can therefore speed up the entire customer relationship management process. Thanks to the call center equipped with virtual callbtots and assistants you can respond 24 hours a day.  Your conversational assistant does not need to rest or have any notion of time: with regular training, he will be able to respond to all requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The possibility to get a concrete answer, make a reservation or a purchase without being constrained by the time and an axis of improvement which allows to improve appreciably the relation with your users. 

Improvement 4: Automation of responses provides efficient access to information for users.

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of a late afternoon call to a customer service department ending up on an answering machine after 15 minutes?  Contacting a customer service and having to wait on the other end of the line for an advisor looking for your file will be a distant memory. The role of the virtual assistant is to pre-qualify the entire request in order to be able to transmit it to the advisor and thus ensure a dispatching is an efficient qualification of the requests to be processed.  Being able to answer the most complex questions at the same time.  No more need to waste time in endless queues, the requests will be taken into account by qualified experts while the virtual assistant will allow to deal with all the ungrateful tasks. Thanks to the arrival of the virtual assistants, users will no longer experience unpleasant surprises when calling the Call Centers . Indeed, the statistics are clear: 84% of customers are likely to tell their friends and family about a bad after-sales service experience.

Here again, the intelligent virtual agent will generate a small revolution and serve your users beyond their expectations thanks to artificial intelligence. With the ability to analyze very large volumes of information in an extremely short time, extract the desired elements and issue a complete response to your customers, you can be sure of their satisfaction throughout the day.

Improvement 5: Valuing counseling skills by improving customer relations – to the delight of your users.

Integrating a conversational assistant into your after-sales service or HR department means giving yourself the means to revolutionize your contact center. While the virtual agent ensures the various and varied incoming solicitations. First level questions and redirection to different expertises are handled via FAQs while, in the end, your advisers will be exempted from follow-up tasks for example. finally freed up, they can devote their time to more complex tasks, which allows them to focus on the quality of customer relations because users need expertise. in short: pampering your customers, improving customer relations ensures their loyalty!

Do you want to rethink your customer-user relationship? It’s simple, adopt Kwalys, the intelligent conversational voice agent.

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